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Belizeans Detained in Guatemala

Eight men confirmed to be Belizean fishermen were detained by the Guatemalan Navy and handed over to the Guatemalan Immigration officials and taken to Guatemala City for processing.Reports are that the men were detained when they were found disembarking their vessel at the Punta Manabique Beach in the Department of Izabal , Guatemala.  Of the eight men, seven of them had Belizean fishing licenses but the vessel had no registration or authorization from the Guatemalan Port.  Belize’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release issued this evening stated, quote, “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Belize Embassy staff in Guatemala, since receipt of this information early this afternoon, has confirmed the identities of those detained and have been in communication with the individuals to confirm they are in good health. Government officials will continue to engage with Guatemalan and OAS representatives in this matter. The Government of Belize will keep the public informed as developments unfold.”  End of quote.