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Belizeans Innovative Idea gets International Attention

Students from the Corozal Community College won last year’s event. Earlier this year, the students Luis Aguillar, Joseph Roches and Michael Sabido got the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic where they participated in the Hackathon event. Michael Sabido shared with those assembled at this year’s Raspberry PI Jam competition about their invention, Sonar, which won at the Hackathon competition in the Dominican Republic.

Michael Sabido

“It was basically a design for a hackathon that we won in the Dominican Republic. What we did was try to create a platform that does two-way communication between government’s national emergency system and the general populace of that country that way we can create a more effective way to save lives and to keep people safer during a disaster. We focus more on hurricanes because in Belize we have more hurricanes than earthquakes and tornadoes and different natural disasters but this platform is customized for any type of natural disaster.”

The three students now have their own business known as LXJ Code Belize and as to their product Sonar, two countries, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, are interested in acquiring it.