Belizeans react to Hurricane Beryl

Belizeans react to Hurricane Beryl

While Hurricane Beryl passed Belize without causing any damages, members of the public had mixed feelings over the storm threats and the warnings to prepare.  Our news team hit the streets of Belize City today to find out how preparation for the storm affected residents on a financial perspective. While the consensus was relief that the country was spared major damage some seemed disappointed and felt that their preparations were unnecessary.

Citizen: “Belize people already ain’t got no money, brethren. It was a sacrifice made with the people I see up in the supermarket, spending their little money being prepared for this weather that’s supposed to come, and it didn’t come. I know a lady that went to borrow $150. Now she got to pay that back with interest. You feel me? All these things.”

Citizen:“I bought as much stuff as I can for Hurricane Beryl and actually nothing happened. So NEMO had us prepared for nothing and right now where I work here a market a lot of people came to buy so many so many stuff. Some people end up spending more than over a hundred dollars on stuff here at the market and well they found out that it was for nothing at all. And now maybe tomorrow for market day we may not even see anyone because they already spent as much money as they can yesterday.”

Citizen:“Yes, I have groceries home because I am preparing for the next one that is coming behind it. That’s why I said I have to say pack up, they said be prepared because after a storm there always comes a next one.”

The public also had mixed feelings about the performance of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). NEMO had provided daily updates since the start of this week and intensified its dissemination of information once the first red flag went up on Tuesday. Some believed that NEMO did well in keeping the nation informed, while others say they relied on other sources for information.

Citizen: “It didn’t set me back because I wasn’t alarmed, there was nothing to indicate that it was coming near here. Once the hurricane is not below latitude 17 I’m not concerned, I’, not worried. I don’t think they were, I just think they were doing their job that’s the way it should be done. At least get people prepared that’s what they’re being paid for and they did it well.”

Citizen: “NEMO did a good job but actually we didn’t hear much from them. All of us were the news from outside, CNN News, Weather Channel on the television and thing right ? I really wasn’t paying attention to NEMO much but life goes on.”

Citizen: “Belize NEMO didn’t give quality service in Belize City. Like when the hurricane comes they never give quality service in Belize City. Like when hurricanes come they never give people quality works. When the hurricane is coming NEMO puts the hurricane flag yes on top of the terminal and lie nothing was going on and they don’t tell people the truth. When the hurricane comes they are telling people nothing is coming and everybody goes through the Weather Channel.”

We note that NEMO had warned the public against panic buying and to keep updated with information from official sources.

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