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Belizeans still face difficulties accessing services at the Vital Statistics Unit

Area Representative Musa also spoke of what it has been like assisting Belizeans wishing to reregister obtain their birth certificates. Musa had received several complaints from Belizeans that they have been having difficulty at the Vital Statistics unit because the system is inefficient and the process drawn out for no good reason. Musa says the situation has not changed.

Kareem Musa: “The residents in the community as best as I can with the issues that we are facing over at the Vital Statistics Office. Now as you know a lot of our residents are complaining that the vital stats cannot even find their birth paper so it is almost as though these Belizeans don’t exist any longer and this is a major issue for us because as you know the referendum is coming up in April 10th and this is an issue that the PUP has included in the People’s Declaration because it is absolutely essential that all those voters that were once on the voters role that they will be able to get back on if they can prove if they are in fact Belizeans. The complaints keep on coming in. Sometimes we go to the vital stats office almost two, three times for the week to follow up on submissions, applications that we make for certain birth papers and they are still not coming back and so the complaints keep coming in and definitely it is an issue over at the vital stats office.”

Of note is that Love News has also begun receiving similar complaints from Belizeans who seek the services of the Vital Statistics Unit.