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Belizeans Still Skeptical About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Earlier today the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) reported that there are three main reasons why persons are reluctant to take the Covid-19 vaccine. The agency cited that persons feel that there is not enough information on the vaccine; that the vaccine was developed too quickly and there is a fear of the side effects. These three reasons are not new to the public, and while they are legitimate concerns, Dr Coye places a different perspective on the current situation. In an interview with Love News today he reminded us of a period last year when the death numbers began climbing and many were praying and hoping for a vaccine to be developed.

Dr.Adrian Coye, Director of Medical Services, KHMH: “There are countries that have every single resource available to them including their educational campaign etc and every country is struggling with exactly the same thing. Right now we’re flushed with vaccines and countries around the world are crying for it. We are in a better situation in many ways more than others. It doesn’t mean at any point it cannot be that it’s the government this and the government is going to direct that and so forth. There is something called personal responsibility. You’re in charge of what you eat everyday, how much times you drink, whether you’re going to smoke or not. All of these things are very basic and in the face of all that you see in the world if you make a decision otherwise no government in this world or policies or whatever is going to change that. It comes right down to the basic decisions you make in life and you know I don’t know what else you can do. Because imagine the scenario last year when everyone with one or two cases the government made a very strong decision to protect Belize and it’s the same decision that you see in New Zealand for example a zero COVID strategy and that meant a lockdown of the entire country. But it was with the idea too that we want to at least prepare the health system for something of this and of course limit spread. The prayers at that time was please can we get a vaccine and even Dr.Fauci himself said if there was a vaccine that came up last year that had 50% efficacy he would advocate for that to be used in the US because¬† we all recognize from a medical perspective that this is a new problem that we are not prepared for. There is no immunity for it. There is just no other way to address it.”