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Belizeans travel to Cuba to foster solidarity and friendship

A group of Belizeans are back from a visit to Havana, Cuba where they took part in a week of activities to foster solidarity and friendship with Cuba. The group included Yasser Musa, YaYa Marin Coleman, Carlos “lito” Quiroz, Katie Usher and Delmer Tzib, a mixture of teachers, artists and community activists.  The group met with representatives of Casa de Las Americas to start a plan of cooperation and they also met with other editorial companies. They took part in the March of the Torches, a pilgrimage by the University of Havana to the Martian Forge where Jose Marti was imprisoned and forced to perform forced labor. Marti was a Cuban poet, essayist, journalist, and publisher, among other things and is considered a national hero. The group also visited the opening of the Ka’a’ñaar exhibit by Belizean graphic artist Carlos “lito” Quiroz. Poet and artist Katie Usher presented both the Spanish and English versions of Bembe Vision: Leadership Notes For The Belizean Classroom a recently published book featuring 14 important women in Belizean History at the Pedagogical University Gallery. A release by Yasser Musa states that these and other activities by the group during their trip fall under the Belize-Cuba Solidarity movement with the support of the Cuban Embassy in Belize.