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Belize’s Air Traffic Tower to be Upgraded with COCESNA’s Aid

Belize’s Civil Aviation signed onto an agreement with COCESNA which seeks for major upgrades in the air traffic control unit of the Philip Goldson International Airport.  With the story, we join Renee Trujillo.


“Just over nine months ago, the personnel who man the air traffic control tower at the Philip Goldson International Airport had called in sick.  It was a staged sick out by the workers, who later justified their action, saying that the equipment they have had to work with are below average and their long shifts at the tower were unreasonable.  It was a move that caught the attention of the powers that be particularly since flights were delayed and revenues were being lost as a result.  Coming out of negotiations with the workers, the Director of Civil Aviation, Lindsey Garbutt had committed to improving the conditions of the workers and the equipment.  Efforts toward that commitment were shown today as an agreement was signed between the Civil Aviation and COCESNA which will lead to just what Garbutt had alluded to – better working conditions and upgraded equipment.”


“We certainly recognized that we need to bring our technology up to date so our air traffic controllers can have the best possible situation as the airlines move above and land and take off from Belize. So this whole thing is to improve security and safety in our skies. It’s not only these equipment that you are seeing but it also involves sending three or four of our senior people to Spain to make sure that as this system is being created it is being created for Belize.”



“According to the Minister of Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia, this is a milestone for Belize’s civil aviation and a move towards the improvements in Belize’s air traffic sector.”


“It’s history for the civil aviation industry because we have heard I think less than a year ago that there were some problems in regards to our air traffic safety and I believe that aviation, everything that has to do with that is about safety, about service provided to our tourists, locals and to the whole industry and I believe today the signing of this contract will modernize the technology that will be put into effect in the next few months will be a state of the art that I believe that that will take us for the next 15 or 20 years from now.”


“Jorge Vargas, the Executive Director for COCESNA, spoke on the huge investment being made in Belize and how momentous it is for them to be a part of the country’s development in this area.”


“We’re doing a huge investment in Belize for the next five years.  COCESNA is thinking, with the planning of Mr. Garbutt, as a representative of Belizean government on the Board of COCESNA to invest between twelve and fourteen million dollars in the next five years in Belize to accomplish the requirements of safety and efficiency for the year navigation sector for the industry in Belize. We know that this effort that COCESNA is doing is going to help and improve a lot, the economy in this beautiful country which I am very glad to be here today. On behalf of the Board of COCESNA, I am glad to sign this contract and be part of the development of the aeronautical industry field in Belize.”

The signing took place at the conference room of the Department of Civil Aviation.  Present at the signing were Minister of Civil Aviation.  Construction is expected to begin in early 2016 and will take anywhere between twelve to 18 months to be completed.  Reporting for Love News, I am Renee Trujillo