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Belize’s Ambassador to OAS speaks about universal Hope in ICJ Case

Belize was represented by Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez in Washington DC at a meeting of the Organization of American States.  There were several issues tabled with the aim of bringing them at the forefront for solutions.  Love News spoke with Ambassador Gutierrez about the meeting.

Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: Well the meeting was with the permanent representatives of countries from the SICA sub region and in that meeting any number of different topics were discussed. Obviously the meeting concentrated on following up on what the heads had agreed to in December and so it is really a follow up in terms of how do we make that flesh at the OAS and how do we push a sub regional agenda, how do we push a SICA agenda because what we need to do is create a space for that agenda in Washington D.C. so we need to come together and we need to bring those things to the floor and we need to ensure that what we want and what should be discussed in the SICA sub region is in fact discussed. We are looking at issues of sustainable development and also climate change is very important for the sub region. Obviously any number of different countries within SICA underscore the importance of the world doing something about the loss of correspondent banking in the Caribbean and some countries in SICA so these are some of the issues that have been discussed.”

One of the topics tabled at yesterday’s meeting in Washington DC was the upcoming referendum in Belize.  Ambassador Gutierrez says there is a unanimous hope that Belize would go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Ambassador Daniel Gutierrez: “Our people were very curious about Belize’s Referendum process and we discussed that in the education campaign about what is happening in Belize. People are very enthusiastic about Belize moving ahead with this and people are very enthusiastic about the process of taking it to the court in general as it is something that the international community has been resolute on all of these months and years leading up to this process. There is not a single permanent representative that I have spoken to Renee that does not underscore the need for Belize to find a legal solution to the problems that we have. In that regard I can tell you people are enthusiastic of the potential of Belize and Guatemala solving this issue permanently by use of the International Court of Justice.”