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Belize’s Ambassador to the US appears on RT Television

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Belize’s Ambassador to the United States, Daniel Guttierez was interviewed on RT Television, formerly known as Russia Today.  The interview was done on Tuesday, October 8. 

Belize’s Ambassador to the United States, Daniel Guttierez was interviewed on RT Television, formerly known as Russia Today.  The interview was done on Tuesday, October 8.  Ambassador Gutierrez spoke on issues affecting Belize including correspondent banking.  Here is a snippet of that interview.

Daniel Guttierez, Belizean Ambassador to Washington: “This perhaps goes beyond the Trump Administration but one of the things we would like to see more from our US partners is there is an issue that we are going through in the Caribbean and that issue has to do with the loss of correspondent banking. If we don’t have correspondent banks, if Belizean banks and US banks, if banks in Barbados, if banks in the Bahamas, if banks in Antigua and Barbuda cannot have free and easy movement of funds between these jurisdictions and the United States it’s bad for business. So what we’re saying to our US partners is we must do something to correct this correspondent banking issue because if we don’t do that it is not good for the economy like I said the United States is one of our main trading partners so correspondent banks is a big issue, we’re hoping to get some of that changed over the next few months and years in the United States and that’s one issue. Obviously Belize is a low lying state, we are not an island but there are islands and low lying states in the Caribbean for which climate change is a concern. I’ll tell you something Belize and its sister countries in CARICOM we are in the trenches of a war against mother nature that we did not start, using resources that we do not have and losing lives we cannot replace and it is imperative for us to work along with our American partners to be able to move towards those areas that we need to get at in terms of the targets for climate change. This for us is not a fad it’s existential. Not too long ago, a few months ago, and we’re still getting the tail end of it we’ve had a huge drought in Belize that affected any number of different people, obviously the farming community, many of our farmers in Belize are US investors so it’s not only affecting Belizeans because clearly it is affecting us directly it is also affecting those investors from the United States who come to do business in Belize so that is one example but every June to November, that is something Belizeans live with, we live with from you’re a child June to November, what is that ?, it’s hurricane season and we would not want to have the misfortune of getting visited by one of these monster storms like what just affected the Bahamas and my heart goes out to our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas but every year we live with this.”

Gutierrez has been serving as Ambassador to the US since May 2017.

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