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Belize’s Bright Future in Agriculture

In a recent report presented by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), it had reported positively on the agriculture sector for Belize.  Agriculture Minister, Godwin Hulse told Love News that SIB was accurate as he gave us an update on the progress of the agricultural sectors.


“That is absolutely good news because that is true. Shrimp is looking good I think they have identified what the issue is and are dealing with it. Citrus we had a joint meeting of both the Citrus Growers Association and the Citrus Mutual so for a long time everybody at the same table agreeing to do the same thing and agreeing on the protocols to try to manage the citrus greening which is good news. There are increasing back again and there are a lot of new plants on the ground. Sugar as you know had a record crop it couldn’t be better all farmer’s cane were taking it. I had an excellent meeting with rice farmers in Toledo who are on board to try to improve their production also CARDI is taking over the Papi Sho site where we hope to do certified seeds for the farmers in the south that is well under way. Bananas is coming around I mean Fyfes have been sold to Sumitomo as we know but they are not about to abandon it in fact they are about to improve it as the case may be so I’m feeling pretty good about agriculture. Of course as you know where cattle is concerned we are brucellosis and tuberculosis free and the price of cattle as a result of the sweep has increased tremendously so all in all we are looking pretty good.”

Hulse has been serving as the Minister of Agriculture since November 2016.