Belize’s Cacao Industry Thrives

Belize’s Cacao Industry Thrives

Belize’s cacao industry continues to boom as farmers are now benefiting from collaborations being offered in the south.  The Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC) is welcoming organic cacao farmers as stakeholders in their organ.  Recently, the MMC conducted an inspection of cacao fields, and have exported some fifteen metric tonnes in recent weeks.  We join Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung for the story.

Paul Mahung, Love News: Internal organic inspection of cocoa fields of 450 cocoa farmers of Maya Mountain Cacao began and the opportunity for other cacao producers to become stakeholders in Maya Mountain Cacao is now available to organic  cacao producers in Toledo and South Stann Creek. The recent export shipment of 15 metric tons of organic  cacao to USA by MMC was another successful export shipment and Maya Mountain Cacao Operation Officer Serapio Chun, who remains grateful to MMC farmers, spoke to Love News. 

Serapio Chun, MMC Operations Officer: “I would also like to congratulate our 450 organic farmers within the Maya Mountain Cacao Limited who has made this export possible. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible. Of the 450 organic farmers we have 44 who are female farmers. I would also like to mention the internal organic inspection has commenced and be ready to welcome our field officers who will be reporting to you and your farm for the organic inspections. We are also accepting application forms from new farmers who have been practicing organic cacao farming to join our network. This application can be made through the office or through one of our field officers up until middle of August.”

Paul Mahung, Love News: Interested organic cacao farmers can also step in. at Maya Mountain Cacao’s main office located 13.5 miles on PG San Antonio Road. 

Paul Mahung, Love News, Toledo.

Maya Mountain Cacao is located on the San Antonio Road in Punta Gorda, Toledo District.

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