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Belize’s Churches Say No to Marijuana Legalization

The idea of marijuana legalization also rose heated discussions by the religious community.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Honorable Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries and Cannabis Consultant Alex Lavin of Growth Industries USA held an open forum last night on the future of cannabis market in Belize. According to Pastor Scott Stirm from the Evangelical Association of Belize the Ministry of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries wanted to start a marijuana industry in the country of Belize and they are not happy with that move. Scott explained why.

Scott Stirm, Pastor, Evangelical Association of Belize

Scott Stirm, Pastor, Evangelical Association of Belize: “As church leaders we reach out to people whose lives have been destroyed by substance abuse including marijuana. We have to help them pick up the pieces, many of the rehab efforts are faith based church efforts and we’re the ones that are picking up people’s lives and helping them to get things back together so obviously from a church position we disagree with this move. There’s fifty seven thousand other creative options that we can develop in our nation for economic benefit without seeking the economic benefit of a marijuana industry in our country and so in the bottom line the consultant that came is helping them to craft the marijuana industry. He’s a consultant but he’s a salesman, he’s selling a vision , he’s pitching a vision and so the forum from our perspective was focusing on all the pros with really no focus on the cons of a marijuana industry. So fundamentally we disagree, we see there’s gonna be societal fallout there’s no two ways about it and so we’re not happy, we’re gonna continue moving forward and lobbying, doing anything we can in our power to hopefully be able to prevent this from being able to happen but it seems that the government is hell bent on doing this.”