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Belize’s cotton industry gets a boost

The Government of Japan has made a donation to the Project for the Improvement of the Sea Island Cotton Industry in Belize. The donation is a little over two hundred thousand dollars. The contribution was made under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security projects of the Government of Japan. Love News spoke to Hiromoto Oyama who is a consular from the Embassy of Japan to Belize about the donation and he says it is a win- win situation for both countries. He told us why.

Hiromoto Oyama – Consular Officer

“We have donated more than $100k US dollars to the cotton farmers here in Belize so that they can expand the production of West Indies Sea Island Cotton. With that funding they bought two tractors and seed planters as well as fumigators. It is an expectation of growing production of Sea Island Cotton which is in high demand in Japan. It has two meanings. One is that it is good for the agriculture of Belize, I understand that Belize depends about 76% of its foreign currency earnings on export of agriculture items so it’s gonna be good for Belize to have more foreign currency earnings and it’s also good for the Japanese economy. As I said there is a group of Japanese companies that make high quality textiles using the sea island cotton from Belize and that is in high demand meaning that when importing sea island cotton from Belize to make that clothing but there is not enough supply so they wanted to import more from Belize. It’s going to be a win win project for both countries.

This project was initiated by cotton farmers in Belize and the development of this industry provides job and stability in such field Oyama says. He adds that Belize and Japan share common values. He spoke about the relationship between the two countries.

Hiromoto Oyama – Consular Officer

We are enjoying a partnership with Belize in a variety of areas. Because we share common values like democracy, human rights and amongst all of them peace and Japan depends its survival on trade. We import oil, food and a lot of other things from the world and we export our cars, electronic gadgets and other things. In order for us to do so we need peace to prevail. When countries are at war it’s going to be difficult for us to trade and Belize is in a similar position, they depend their survival on trade so we share the same goal that we must ensure the peace to prevail in this world so Belize is already close but not to us in that respect. We like to promote good relations.


The Japanese Embassy also donated a number of machinery to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital’s new Pediatric center.