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Belize’s Courts Improve on Data Security via CARIBNOG Donation

Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) has donated a firewall device to Belize’s Judiciary that will enable the courts to have secure access to their database. This firewall will allow judges to safely access files from anywhere either in Belize or abroad. The Supreme Court of Belize, will be able to share data between other courts in Belize. Stephen Lee, Program Director of CaribNOG spoke of the importance of the donation.

Caribnog Donation 2STEPHEN LEE

“CARIBNOG is a group which is committed to the development of  the regional technical infrastructure both in terms of network infrastructure, computer systems as well as the capacity of the network operators, IT practitioners who have to manage and operate the infrastructure. So we are very interested and always look for opportunities to bring some of this development.  That is what we do in the regional meetings, offering training, knowledge and resource. So through our partnership with Bright Path Foundation which is a CARIBNOG partner and Bright Path has been working with the Belize Court. We came to Understand that Stephen Lee and his team who were operating the network that there was opportunity for that to continue to be developed and so we look for a way to partner with them.”

Lee explained how the firewall system would work in Belize.


“The firewall is like a gateway to the whole network. If you imagine a property with a gate and you have to monitor everything that comes, the firewall would sit at that position connected to the internet, connected to the internal networks and from that point they can administer, determine what should come in, the connectivity; look for malware, viruses, any kind of things that would disrupt the operations of the network, the firewall would be there to protect that.  So, generally the way firewalls work is to allow out of the network, all the things that are approved and block from coming in, all the things that the administrators want to keep out of the network.”

Stephen Babb, System Administrator at the Supreme court spoke of how the system will benefit the court systems.


“(1) Create a portal to be able to E-file for all the law firms and (2) for whenever there is a case file that is put together, as it is filed, it’s digitally scanned and certified by the court; so what that means is that we apply a digital certificate so that file cannot be modified. It is then archived on the server. For the judges to access it we’ll then use the firewall device to have a secure access to the database.”

The firewall system should be completely installed by December of this year.