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Belize’s COVID-19 Death Toll Continues to Rise at an Alarming Rate

The COVID-19 death toll continues to rise and at a point when the nation’s referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, is under sustained stress brought upon by the increasingly high number of COVID-19 patients. The KHMH COVID-19 Unit has reached its capacity, forcing doctors and nurses to make space for new patients. But that space will run out and the KHMH’s resources are being spread too thin. Today, 244 new cases were confirmed with two new fatalities. 30 COVID patients remain hospitalized with fifteen ICU admissions. On Wednesday, there were two deaths- fully vaccinated patients and today another person, who was fully vaccinated died from the virus. Dr. Marcelo Coyi is a member of the COVID-19 Medical Task Force and says that a wider view of the statistics shows persons who have not been vaccinated account for the vast majority of the COVID-19 deaths.

Dr.Marcelo Coyi, Member, COVID-19 Medical Task Force: “Trying to analyze the data you’re telling me about. One is that you would need to more detail about these two deaths. Remember one, fully vaccinated means two doses and two weeks. So I know several people have been feeling ill and they hurry come and get the vaccine, that doesn’t work you know so we don’t have that info available whether it was one of those cases you know ? Two is that you need to know and also analyze whether there was any comorbidities obesity being one of them, age above age sixty being another one, hypertension, diabetes and I think more important is anybody who has what we call immunodeficiency. So the person had for example HIV, was there any disease that we call immunodeficiency diseases – rheumatoid arthritis those disorders so that’s the info you’d want to need. Two is that all figures you take has to be within what you call a sample. So if you have – I think it was thirty one admissions I can’t remember the figures now of admissions what you really need to know is to look at all the samples since let us say July when this present wave began and look at all the hospitalization that we have had since then and then look at all the deaths because obviously the bigger the sample size the more it gives a representation as to the validity of any observations. So thirty one admissions is not enough so I would say let’s look at all the figures that we have and then you can make a more definite analysis to say yes. If you had lets say a hundred deaths and out of them it’s only three so we don’t have the complete picture just looking at that snapshot from yesterday. I think about two weeks ago we had a review of deaths at Karl Heusner and at that point I think Dr.Adrian Coye had mentioned about forty deaths of which I think three of them were people who were vaccinated and then he mentioned that those three two had cancer already. So you have to analyze it with that to get the complete picture you can’t make a conclusions based upon a snapshot of one day.”

In Belize City, the number of COVID-19-cases is explosive. Eighty new cases were recorded yesterday and hundreds of cases remain active in Belize City. Dr. Coyi says for the number to go down, everyone must do their part.

Dr.Marcelo Coyi, Member, COVID-19 Medical Task Force: “It’s not what the ministry says and curtails and legislates that is important it’s we as a person everybody has to take that consideration that we are responsible for the spread of this disease. So even if for example you say no parties after seven o’clock you know sometimes I come out when I’m coming out to do duty and I hear parties and I say well this doesn’t make sense to me. But what happened is they have parties and then they stay home until the next day they don’t go out so they are basically making finding loopholes in the system and spreading. So at the end of the day we have to be responsible we can’t just depend on legislation from the government.”