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Belize’s COVID-19 Numbers Continue to Rise Rapidly

The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise; it’s a statement that has been on repeat in recent weeks as the new cases are now being tallied in the hundreds and the admissions at hospitals are becoming overwhelming. Since the first detected case on March 23, 2020, more than eighteen thousand COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. Belize is in the eighteenth month of the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of active cases is more than one thousand four hundred. The country is experiencing its third wave which is being made worse by the Delta variant. The number of hospitalizations has also increased but so has the number of vaccinated persons. Member of the COVID-19 Medical Task Force Doctor Julio Sabido shared figures for the country.

Dr.Julio Sabido, Member, COVID19 Medical Task Force:Up yesterday the 15th of September there were a total of 18,143 confirmed cases. The total deaths are 385 and we have 1,474 active cases. With respect to the hospital admissions and deaths due to COVID19, so from a subset of data within the time period of access to the COVID19 vaccines which is from June 1st to September 13th there were 187 COVID19 hospital admissions of which 77.5% of these admissions were unvaccinated patients, 16% had only one dose and 6.5% had two doses of the vaccine. From April 1st to September 13th 51% of the deaths due to COVID19 had no vaccine, 7% had only one dose of the vaccine and 11.3% had only one dose of the vaccine and 6.5% had two doses of the vaccine.”

Also forming part of the COVID-19 Medical Task Force is Doctor Marcelo Coyi. Doctor Coyi’s presentation focused on the way the virus spread and how important it is to establish the “reproductive data” below one. However, this is becoming difficult because of the high rate of transmissibility pf the Delta Variant.

Notably missing from today’s press conference was the Minister of Health, Michel Chebat and a substantive Director of Health Services.