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Belize’s Cricket Champs in Mexico

When you think of Belize and sports, basketball and football are the first two athletic events that come to mind as our national pastimes. There are those who follow softball and track and field. But one particular sport we only hear about at the village level is cricket. But in Belize Rural North crickets are loud, and according to area representative, Edmond Clear the Land Castro, the sport has reached new heights. We spoke to him via phone and told us that the local cricket team has won gold at an international event in Mexico.

Edmond Castro – Area Representative Belize Rural North: “ There was a tournament held in Mexico for the Central American Region or the Carribean and it was a team primarily made up of people from my constituency. It was a cricket All Star, they went there and brought home gold. I think it shows that we are improving as it relates to cricket in Belize, we are now for the first time I believe gold medalists. No, it is not me sponsoring them, I support cricket because cricket is from Belize Rural North and by virtue of being the Area Representative I always support all sporting disciplines in my constituency. We selected some of the best and the youngest players to go on the All-Star team as opposed to having some of the older players. It was the younger bucks that were able to defeat including the Melbourne Cricket Club, MCC which is a team out of England that our MCC was named off of so it just shows that we in Belize as it relates to Cricket also have talent and we would like for more people to pay attention to the boys that have been playing cricket and the girls because we also have a team playing in the Belize River Valley area.”