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Belize’s electronic passport system set to be rolled out in October

Belize’s Electronic Passport Issuance and Control System (EPICS) is set to be rolled out in October. The system is expected to remove the painstaking process of applying for or renewing a passport at the Immigration Office. According to the Ministry of Immigration, the change will allow them to retire from the current outdated system. Today, the CEO of the Ministry, Dr. Gilroy Middleton, gave an update on the implementation of the electronic passport system. 

Dr. Gilroy Middleton, CEO of Immigration: “We have two officials from the ministry travelling to Canada to witness the actual processing, printing of the electronic passports. So the first one will be printed in Canada. Those gentlemen will leave mid-September and looking at the first passport being opened in October of this year. Apart from that, it’s very important to note that we have applied for and been accepted in terms of IKO and PKD in terms of International Civil Aviation Organization, in terms of security. So anyone that comes to Belize with an electronic passport, we could immediately note if it’s authentic or not because we are a member of the group of companies that have signed up for this and any Belizean that has a passport issued from us when they’re travelling, they could note that their passport is secure. So enhanced security has been added in terms of our passport system so now we’re at a world standard. So we’re on schedule for October of this year. Everything is running smoothly. We’re preparing the offices, preparing the officers. Training will commence in late September as soon as our two officials return from Canada and then we go from there.”