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Belize’s Foreign Minister speaks on Belize’s allies

The seventy second annual General Debate of the General Assembly of the United Nations concluded today in New York. It’s a platform that government officials use to address world leaders and on September 22, Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington made his presentation. While Elrington spoke on issues affecting Belize, he also dedicated a few minutes defending Belize’s allies such as the Republic of China, Taiwan, Cuba and Venezuela.

Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“For Belize is a member of the United Nations advocating for peaceful cooperation among states for the right of self-determination of all peoples and for the promotion and protection of human rights is a non-derogable duty. We cannot therefore in good faith remain silent wherever injustice persists. We see injustice perpetrated upon the people of Taiwan who uphold the core principles and objectives of the United Nations and yet the United Nations itself fails to apply those principles and objectives to them. For over half a century the Cuban people have been the victims of the injustice of an egregious and unilateral embargo. We see injustice continue to shadow the people of Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Western Sahara, South Sudan among others. The situation in Venezuela is one that continues to challenge all of us in our region and hemisphere. Belize fully subscribes to the CARICOM position which underscores the respect for international law and the principles and also urges resolution through dialogue. In that regard, CARICOM has offered its own good offices. In our region, we are witness to the continuing suffering of our Haitian brothers and sisters. In the face of such intolerable injustice, Belize cannot remain silent nor should the rest of the world.”