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Belize’s Lead Negotiator Says it is Important for Belize to be Energy-Independent.

Can Belize be energy independent? That is the question we posed to Climate Change expert Carlos Fuller and Minister Orlando Habet. Energy at COP26 aimed at addressing key changes required in the energy sector in the fight against climate change. These cover ensuring a just transition, promoting offshore renewables and green hydrogen, and driving the global pledge to reduce methane emissions for achieving net zero in all regions of the world. Minister Orlando Habet and Belize’s Lead Negotiator Carlos Fuller underscored the importance of Belize being energy-independent.

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “I believe Belize can be energy independent. Currently we already have about 70% of our energy being produced locally, about 30% being imported from Mexico and it is expensive energy. I think that if currently the proposal from BECOL to put in that solar panels for producing about 40 megawatts of electricity will be a help. The Mennonite Community is already about 20% of their electricity needs from solar and are putting in more. We need to encourage more companies to come in and invest into solar energy. There is an increase in the production of energy from biomass so I think that’s helping. And maybe eventually we should also continue looking at energy from hydroelectricity not necessarily I don’t want to see another big dam that stores water I can see hundreds of turbines in rivers especially those that are still in the hills in the mountains that we have that will have no effect on nature and that we can still generate a lot of electricity maybe even for export. Unfortunately up to now we haven’t found out that we have some thermal sources for energy but that would have been another area we could explore. But we have to do with what we have.”

Reporter: Can Belize be energy independent ?

Carlos Fuller, Belize Ambassador to United Nations: “I really believe we can.  I believe we have enough natural resources from water, from the air, from biomass, from the sun for us to be fully renewable, one of the few countries in the world that I think can be.”