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Belize’s Military Makes Review of Its Strategic Defenses

Last week one hundred and sixty-seven new officers joined the Belize police department increasing its number by a large margin. On the other hand, the Belize Defense Force is having a bit of trouble trying to successfully recruit a large a group of young men and women. But there is a plan says Commander, Brigadier General David Jones.


We are currently working on a strategic defense review for the force which means that we are looking at the BDF in the next ten years ahead. We are discussing all the issues that the force is required to conduct which includes the retention, security and control of what is happening along the border which means that we are going to have to look at the man power, the resources, equipment and the size that the force needs to grow. So all of that needs to be taken into consideration and it’s being done now and should conclude before the middle of next year and that document will entail all the necessary resources, equipment and the size of the BDF to grow. It is intended for the BDF to grow and that final number will be decided after the review is done.”