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Belize’s Muslim Community Celebrates ​Eid Al-Adha

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid (aid) al-Adha (al ad-ha). The religious festival marks the end of the Hajj (haaj) pilgrimage, the five-day pilgrimage Muslims undertake to cleanse the soul of sins and instill a sense of equality and brotherhood. The day is marked with the sacrifice of an animal, usually a goat, sheep or cow, and the distribution of the meat among neighbours, family members and the poor. Here in Belize the Ahmadiyya (Ah-ma-dee-ya) Muslim community are celebrating the festival of the sacrifice” as explained by a local missionary.

Ata’Ul Gabb, Local Missionary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Belize: “This is a practice that is commemorating the spirit of sacrifice. What we do with the meat that we will slaughter we will distribute it to family, friends and those in need. So just like how the prophet Abraham he was told to sacrifice his son and then he was given a sheep to sacrifice it is a spirit of sacrifice that we try to do within ourselves to sacrifice our time, our wealth and our life in the way of God almighty so that we can get blessings. Because it’s not the blood or the flesh that goes to God but it is our righteousness so even if we slaughter a lot of sheep or a lot of cows it’s just about trying to have that spirit of sacrifice and righteousness within our hearts.”