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Belize’s US Ambassador Speaks on Upcoming US Elections

In 6 days, US citizens will vote for their 58th President.  The controversial and scandalous businessman Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s presidential nominee after out-running Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Governor John Kasich of Ohio and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Trump is going up against the formidable New York Senator, Hillary Clinton of the democratic Party. As one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world, whatever the results are, it will affect Belize and as a result, many Belizeans at home and abroad have been monitoring the presidential race. According to US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno more than twenty million US Citizens have voted so far.


“I am hoping for a fair and free election in the United States. It’s been kind of more contentious than usual but I think it is all a process that I think ultimately will have a nice result.”


“Sir are you able to tell us how many Americans are living in country will be voting?”


“No I don’t have that at hand. I can get it for you. I can tell you that the Embassy is providing that service to American citizens and they can vote and votes will be counted and submitted up until Election Day but my understanding is that over twenty million people have voted in the United States already.”

If Trump becomes the President of the United States of America, he will be the oldest President to take office. If Senator Clinton wins, she’ll be the first female President of the United States.