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Belmopan City Council and Business Association Team Up for Small Entrepreneurs

The Belmopan City Council and the newly formed Belmopan Business Association signed a memorandum of understanding today. Love News spoke with Councilor Ralston Frazer.


“One of the things that we have had in mind, this Belmopan City Council, we wanted to bring some kind of uniformity and organizing to the growing businesses in Belmopan and the idea we had to do that was to bring into play what we refer to as  Belmopan Business Association. I am happy to say that one year later it is coming to fruition. At 1pm today we are going to have a signing ceremony where the City and the Association is going to be signing onto an MOU as a commitment of the City’s support to this association. It was really for us to make sure that the small businesses and the businesses who are not yet regularized would have a fair chance to do so as they have a chance as well to be a part of that association and would be benefiting from whatever the association would have had to offer here an in the future.”

Love News also spoke with two of the business owners who are a part of the Association.


Councilor Frazer said they will work in concert with the new association to enhance the business atmosphere in the municipality.