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Belmopan City Council continues its infrastructural work

Infrastructural works are currently on-going in Belmopan. Fem Cruz spoke to the Mayor Khalid Belisle.

Fem Cruz

“The Belmopan City Council continues with their ongoing work in Central Belmopan. As you can see both motorist and pedestrians are benefiting from the upgrading of streets, walkways, drains and parks. Love news caught up with the Mayor from Belmopan, Khalid Belisle about the ongoing work.”

Mayor Khalid Belisle

“The City Council here in Belmopan currently has several projects on their way as you sighted in your lead-in. One of the major ones that we have ongoing right now is a upgrading of the walkways and drainage system in Central Belmopan and are currently in Site 1 and Site 2 where it plan to move over into the Bird’s Precinct and hopefully Sight 7 thereafter. It’s been a while since this kind of attention given to those aspects of the infrastructure and so we want to make sure that we keep those on good footing year round. One of the other things of course is that we have underway as those in the south of the city now, are two play grounds facilities being constructed. One in the western side of the Sir George Brown field and the other at Devon Beaton Park both in the southern side of the Central Belmopan and so we looking forward to those being completed in the next couple weeks. We also have several streets works projects on their way at this moment in time. Habet Heights Phase 1 as well as what we call the BTL housing area, are both slated for paving, complete paving I think that adds up to about 12 streets. Their currently on pause, the street works themselves are at pause as of colleagues at BWS try to ensure that their infrastructure in both those areas is up to scratch and so that they don’t have to come and tear up any streets that we pave. Behind us they are trying to put the work ahead of time and we appreciate that. So residents behind those areas can look forward to the completion to those works. Outside of that we have several other projects taking place around the city. In the East of the city we have some drainage work currently underway, the recent rains has again illustrated the need for us to continue working on the drainage in those areas. That pretty much covers what we’re tackling at this time in the city.”

This is Brother Fem Cruz reporting from the Nation’s Capital City Belmopan for Love FM