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Belmopan City Council deals with squatters

The Belmopan City Council met with a group of squatters that have erected structures in the Maya Mopan Area in that municipality. Earlier in the week, three wooden houses were destroyed by orders of the Belmopan City Council. On Wednesday, Belmopan City Council Ralston Fraser met with a group of more than 50 squatters.

Ralston Fraser – Councilor

Well there is a situation with squatting in Belmopan as its common knowledge. It is a situation unfortunately over the years that has gotten out of hand by whom and when all that to me is irrelevant. What we need to do at this point is to bring resolution to this situation. We cannot allow for our children to grow up and find the same problems in place, what we didn’t have enough wisdom to fix the problem. So the problem is that there is illegal squatting going on as it relates to what I believe is the law within the distance of the creek that you’re not supposed to be inhabiting and we are trying to find a way to bring resolution to that.”

After the talk with Councilor Fraser, it was decided that four persons would be chosen to represent the communities in upcoming discussions. Discussions are ongoing between both groups, it was agreed that further destruction of any other building will be postponed.