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Belmopan City Council Denies Selling Public Property

Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle clarified in an interview with Love News that the Harriot Topsy Park has not been sold.  He explained that two entrepreneurs are exploring ways to improve their business, Tacos Don Carlos. 

Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle clarified in an interview with Love News that the Harriot Topsy Park has not been sold.  He explained that two entrepreneurs are exploring ways to improve their business, Tacos Don Carlos.  According to Mayor Belisle the council will not discourage entrepreneurship, but things are going through the proper processes.

Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan: “It was in that location Mr.Guity said he thought he could do something really unique that would be beneficial to him but also to that neighborhood because the introduction of what he’s trying to do there, which is to move his current established business over there, would have seen an introduction of more activity in the area, it would have introduced an element of security because of course he’s going to secure his property, would have been another space for families to come and enjoy because while it might not be public knowledge his business is family oriented, they don’t sell alcohol nothing like that takes place at Tacos don Carlos. It seems to be a very popular establishment in the City of Belmopan and so that is what he pitched to us as his proposal for using a small part. Of course that would have come with conditions in place such that we would have ensure that nothing permanent concrete in the ground so to speak could have been erected there so that at any given time the entire operation could have been moved off. Absolutely no trees could be cut down, even limbing of trees was something that would have had to take place in consultation with the city and that is basically where we were. The council because of course it now coming into the public discourse the council is setting a meeting with Mr.Guity for Monday and we’re going to have a discussion with him. We actually have now expanded our search to see if we can find an alternative location in the event that Topsy proves non viable and we decide to move off from that and we’ll go from there with him but absolutely nothing was sold.”

Area Representative for Belmopan, Oscar Mira, however, has told the media that there are several other parcels of lands that have been sold under the Belmopan City Council.

Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan: “As you know there has been a mad rush by this Belmopan City Council to sell, lease, whatever they want to call it many of our green spaces in Belmopan. The latest information that we got was about the Harriet Topsy park and it was very odd that they sent out a release saying that it is for lease however when we got hold of some of the plans for that area it is a concrete structure and a concrete foundation that is being built therefore I don’t think that it’s anything temporary if it had been temporary it would probably be a little Mennonite house or you know like what is on Mae Gordon but it is far from that. So we believe that it is a sale that was  going to happen and I hope that the Belmopan City Council realizes that we in Belmopan will not tolerate the selling of our green spaces. Most of them have been sold. If you recall a few months ago in the Maya Mopan area there was a space which was the Maya Mopan Laundry that has been sold and we are now in the process of getting all that evidence to show the Belmopan people that you know what, this Belmopan City Council is just getting rid of all the properties that they had under their possession and that is just another example. I think that you saw in social media a few weeks ago about the quarry that is about 20-25 acres that has been either sold, compensated or given away to somebody in the Maya Mopan area that was Belmopan City Council assets as well. Belmopan City Council now has to buy material from the individual who got this property. So I think that in essence we are saying that the assets of Belmopan City is for the people of Belmopan it’s not for the Belmopan City Council, they’re just the guardians of these assets and if  you wanted to lease the park then you should have advertised it maybe we somebody else would have given more for it. Or we need to consult with the people of Belmopan.”