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Belmopan City Council Employees complained about late pay

In the Capital, some City employees are growing anxious over the extended waiting period for what should be a timely schedule for salary deposits. The Capital City Administrator, Ralston Fraser responded to the charges of tardy deposits and spoke about whether or not the City Council is financially stable.

Ralston Fraser, Belmopan City Administrator: “If members of the council were to be receiving their salaries in their various accounts yesterday it turned out that the council was not yet in a position at that time to honor every single salary that there was, but it was honored the next day. On the matter of the council having financial issues; there are points in time when I’m sure every municipality inclusive of the Belmopan City Council we have our financial challenges and there’s much that contributes to this being an issue- starting with the collection of our necessary revenue so that comes up from time to time on a yearly basis.  I may say that we get in a season where we refer to internally as our low season and then is when we experience some challenges in meeting our obligations but I must say nonetheless that there has not been a time, not that I know of at least, when we have not met those obligations later than the day after. This is mischievous, if it is that I owe you some money and I come to you and I say ‘listen I know that bill was due today but I’m experiencing some setbacks of whatever sort can I get that money to you tomorrow.’ I firmly believe that there is a huge element of mischief making in the matter.”

Fraser said this is not the first time this has occurred. He said the Council goes through stages when funds run low due to a lack of collections.