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Belmopan City Council holds annual sports camp

Fem Cruz reporting…
“The grand opening of the 8th annual youth sports summer camp 2017 was held this morning at the Hilltop basketball court in Belmopan. Mayor Khalid Belisle was the guest speaker.”

Mayor Khalid Belisle
“We are at eight years running now consecutively and we are happy. I am thrilled about the participation and turnout. It’s clear that the numbers continue to grow each year. If my math is right as they were calling out the figures for the four disciplines running we have 184 kids of Belmopan and surrounding areas actively engaged in this first two weeks of activities and so that is a great sign. It means that we have them out of the house, we have them away from the TV, away from the video games and cellphones doing something healthy, doing something that promotes discipline, that promotes teamwork and just a good all around activity for our kids in Belmopan so I am thrilled about the turnout we’ve had so far. We are happy to partner with Belmopan area rep Honorable Saldivar as well as the Belmopan branch of the Sports Council. Ms.Angie has been phenomenal in terms of setting this up for us year after year and so we are just thrilled about it and happy that once again the youth of Belmopan have something positive to engage in during the Summer time.”

Angie Reyes the sports coordinator spoke to Love News about the disciplines.

Angie Reyes – Coordinator
“I’d like to mention also that I have Mr.Dominguez that helps me at the Sports Council also. The four disciplines that are running right now are Tennis, Softball, Chess and Soccer and we have Tennis at 8-10 at the tennis court, we have chess from 9-11 and 1-3 at Belmopan Comprehensive and we have soccer at the GG field and we have so many kids but there is still time. We have a whole week left for these four disciplines to run after that we start with flag football that is a one week activity and a new discipline that we are introducing so its one week from the 31st to the 4th and then from that we have volleyball and basketball from the 7th to the 18th of August so come out sign up, we don’t turn any kids away just come and sign up at the Belmopan Sports Council or City Council.”