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Belmopan City Council Lays Off Employees Amidst Debt Crisis

The Belmopan City Council says they are in serious debt and was forced to layoff over two dozen employees. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with Public Relations Officer at the council, JB Wade.

JB Wade, Public Relations Officer, Belmopan City Council: “Majority of these terminations are basically due to the fact of the City Hall being overwhelmed or overstaffed and the City Hall is going through a reengineering, restructuring of City Hall. As everyone knows that City Hall has been struggling to pay payroll. City Hall has arrears with Social Security, it has arrears with income tax and after the Mayor and her council got in there and saw these things and realized that City Hall is overburdened with excessive employees for works that are what we consider to be redundant. These positions have two/three people for the same position basically doing the same job which is not the way to run the city. This city council was elected in to restructure, to change and to improve the management of city hall and through this restructuring and reengineering of city hall that is what city halls is now doing and as much as it hurts and it’s not something that any organization wants to do with terminating anybody for whatever reason be it redundancy, be it for whatever reason it is not something that anybody takes easily but unfortunately it is a position that is after these few months of being in office the city hall has seen no alternative to the problems so with that they had to decide to terminate some employees. As far as I understand the termination letters as far as I’m concerned has just started rolling out today as a matter of fact and I think some went out on Friday.  So the official letters of termination as far as I’m concerned are just now starting to go out so if anybody is saying that they have been terminated and not paid that is as far as I know incorrect.”