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Belmopan City Council lends helping hand to high school students

Pauline Soberanis Tillett reporting…
“The Belmopan City Council Youth Summer Job 2017 kicked off this morning with a short ceremony at the compound. According to Mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle this is a one month summer job summer job for the youth of Belmopan.”

Khalid Belisle – Mayor, Belmopan
“The Belmopan City Council is partnering with RECONDEV to conduct our annual summer job program. It’s going to run over the period of one month. We are splitting 100 or so high school age students and they will be conducting menial jobs around the city, trying to beautify the city, we are also targeting homes of the elderly whereby we can have our youth workers go in to assist them with cleaning out yards and any old effects that they might have in their homes that they might otherwise struggle to have removed and so that is sort of the genesis of it. We are also trying to encourage that spirit of a little labor for something in return because the students will be receiving a small stipend at the end of their two week service here at the council. The program runs from 8am until noon every weekday for the first group and of course that same thing is repeated for the second group of fifty so we are very happy to continue to be able to offer this little opportunity to the students of Belmopan. This past Saturday we did have our ‘School is out’ Summer sendoff sponsored by The Council and Minister Saldivar. We had a fairly good turn out there, the children who did turn out certainly had a blast from what I could see and so we are happy to put that off it’s a part of our continued efforts at making sure that we have positive outlets for the youth here in Belmopan. Of course there are a lot of camps kicking off or underway already in the city, we have sports camps coming up sponsored by the City Council and the area rep as well as our sports council I think the disciplines we are looking at are tennis, volleyball basketball, football, softball as well as chess and so we are asking parents to have their children sign up and participate. Let’s get them to put down the cellphone, put down the video game let’s get them to put down the tablet for a little while and go back to how things used to be when I was a youngster out and about taking part in all these camps around the city.”