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Belmopan City Council removes squatters

The Belmopan City Council has forcibly removed families who were squatting on a privately owned land near the Belmopan Heights Area. The council had initially given the squatters fourteen days to voluntarily move but when some refused, the council warned that they would be removed by force and their houses dismantled. This is what happened this morning and we join Fem Cruz spoke to the City Engineer, Wilfred Wade.

Wilfred Wade, City Engineer,  Belmopan City Council:“So far we have taken down two buildings and we are on the third one. The fourth one the homeowner is doing himself so I suppose that by tomorrow he will have it down and if he needs our assistance we will help him but right now three buildings are down.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Tell about the feedback that you get from the squatters?

Wilfred Wade, City Engineer,  Belmopan City Council:“They are very compliant but by nature people will feel aggrieved somewhat but on a whole they are not that confrontational. It is a peaceful operation, I am taking their possessions wherever they want, that is happening.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: For sure now the City Council would make sure that these people or other people don’t come and squat in this area what measures now will be put in place to avoid that?

Wilfred Wade, City Engineer,  Belmopan City Council: “Well the City Council is in the process of employing a few more park rangers and they will be tasked with the responsibility of everyday to go and check out these areas.”

Alexis Martinez who was moved from the area along with his family, spoke to Love News. 

Alexis Martinez, Squatter: “Well once the councilors give me land to build up I will appreciate some help to build my home because I really need a house for may family. I have four kids and two are in school and its harder for me because I’m the only one working in the family so I need their help to move from this place but once they are giving me another land I don’t mind to move from this land- not even so because I’ve moved already because they said they would come and break it down with the bulldozer so I didn’t want to damage anything. Once you don’t say I can’t get help from anybody I don’t know who is the person you are talking about because I don’t see anybody to help us, only to destroy our homes.”