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Belmopan City Council says SSB Arrears are up to date

An employee of the Belmopan City Council allegedly went to the Social Security Board (SSB) to claim sickness benefits. That employee then was allegedly told that no contributions have been made by the City Council to SSB over four years. We spoke to the City Administrator for Belmopan, Ralston Frazer who says that the council has not been informed of the case. However, the council has an arrangement with SSB and that kind of situation should not occur.

Ralston Frazier – City Administrator Belmopan: “It was totally out of the left field if you will when the situation was brought to our attention, to my attention at least. In fact, to this point based on what I have learned that some employee had gone down to the Social Security and they were given a letter of some sort about not honoring their claim. I know typically Social Security would send such a copy to the office as well. At this point, I have checked with my accountant, HR  Department and we have not received such a copy. None the less the matter which seems to be out there seems to speak to the Belmopan City Council about not honoring quote on quote our Social Department Security obligations for our employees. That is not the case, not as far as I know at least, we did have some arrangements with the Social Security Board for a small arrears that we had with them which is no way as it was explained to me would have hampered any employee from enjoying their benefits but I must say that to this point as we speak now there are no areas for the Belmopan City Council to the Social Security Board, not to my knowledge at least.”

Jose Sanchez: “And the particular employee, have you spoken to the individual just to give them assurances that everything should be okay going forward?”

Ralston Fraizer – City Administrator Belmopan: “This is the thing I have my HR Department trying to find out from Social Security first to get the copy of the letter that they supposedly issued to the individual because when we get that letter as an official documentation from Social Security to the person then we would know exactly who we are talking about and that would be able to be done. To this point, I don’t know who the person is and our HR Department is looking into that for that very purpose. One of the other things too is that I know the way Social Security works. In terms of any individual not receiving payments for sick days or so forth after the three days when they are out. The council or the employer would go ahead and make those payments in full to the employee and Social Security would write a check to the employee to be lodged at the office for the reimbursement to the employer so in that case there would be no way that the person would have been short changed so to speak in their finances. I am not sure of the details of the individual, whomever the person may be would have experienced at Social Security but I don’t know to this point we have settled all our outstandings with the Social Security Board.”