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Belmopan Day ended tragically

Belmopan Day ended tragically for Ronnie Daly Blades who attended the celebration with friends. After leaving the celebration, Blades was confronted by someone who inflicted a stab wound to the right side of his neck. Blades was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, where he succumbed to his injury while undergoing treatment. ACP Joseph Myvette briefed the media on the incident.

ACP Joseph Myvettet: Initial investigation revealed that the deceased was in the company of two other persons traveling on Rose Apple St. in Belmopan when he alighted the vehicle he was traveling in where he had a discussion with a male person who later inflicted the said injuries to him.  In this regard the police is also looking for a named suspect in connection with this investigation.

Before the night was over, another stabbing incident occurred shortly before midnight that claimed the life of Franklin Tut. Tut got into an altercation with another person outside Mary’s Bar.  The man inflicted a fatal stab wound to his neck. Tut was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where he succumbed to his injury. Love News spoke with his Step-father, Russell Arnold Jr.

Russell Arnold Jr. – Step-father: It is so sad for me to know that what happened to him but I believe his own friends, they know about it. It’s a stab and it’s not with a knife, it’s not with an ice pick. It was a Belikin bottle and you know when you break a Belikin bottle they have all kind of different shape upon the edges. When it broke or he stabbed with the point at the right side of his neck and that is what I believe killed him; losing all of his blood with the stab that he get. All of us will miss him; his mom and we know that he is someone we lose. To me we lose a lot because he always helping us when we send them to go and buy or anything to do for us.

ACP Joseph Myvette shared what Police have been able to gather so far.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Police was again called to the Western Regional Hospital shortly before midnight where they observed one Franklin Tut; 19 years Belizean of Maya Mopan area suffering from a single stab wound. Also to the right side of his neck; whilst he police where there he succumbed to his injuries. Initial Police investigation into this matter reveal that sometime after 11:30 pm the deceased along with others entered a bar in the San Martin area of Belmopan and was followed by a male person who inflicted the said injuries to him. In this regard the police is also seeking a named suspect in relation to this investigation.

Police have not yet made any arrest in these two cases.