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Belmopan Deputy Mayor heads delegation to Honduras

Angelica Cruz reporting…

“Deputy Mayor Jaqueline Burns and a team of six left the country on July 2nd en route to Travesia Cortez Honduras for a cultural exchange and to establish a sister city relationship. Deputy Mayor Jaquelin Burns spoke to Love News about the success of the trip.”

Jaqueline Burns – Deputy Mayor

“Well I would call the trip a definite success because we got to tour around Honduras, we got to see rich culture in Honduras. We visited three of their cities and met with two of the mayors. We also got to observe two days of festivals that were happening there where they showed the Garifuna culture. We partnered with the Black Man Soul of Honduras. We presented our cultural outfits and we had our Belizean flag on display and I actually got the opportunity to give a speech in Honduras and it was translated so the people would understand. We had a lot of cultural food including the very delicious hudut and we got a tour of Fernando Fort which is a fort that dates back to the 1800’s. It’s really a beautiful country, the people are very humble and we look forward to the opportunity to host the Hondurans here so that they get to feel our cultures and the richness of our cultures. The purpose of the trip was to establish a sister city relationship and we are in continuous dialogue where we will be exchanging emails to discuss the terms and conditions of our relationship that we are establishing and some future projects that we plan to work on in terms of culture and education. We are excited about this new relationship with Honduras as we think that the more we partner with other countries we learn from them and they can learn from us and in this journey and on this trip we saw a lot of the things that perhaps Belmopan can adopt to make it a more positive city and a faster growing municipality. So the exposure was one that was definitely classified as a success.”