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Belmopan Income Tax Robbers Apprehended

Last Friday, July 15, the employees at the Belmopan Income Tax office were held up at gun point by three robbers. An estimated thirty thousand dollars plus valuables belonging to the employees were taken. The police officer on duty was tied up and his point thirty eight revolver taken. The Belmopan Police has reported this evening that they have apprehended four suspects in connection to the crime. Officer in Charge of the Belmopan Police Station, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, spoke about the suspects and the items they have been able to recover.

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The Belmopan Police have had their hands full this past week with the ongoing investigation of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas’ murder and the Income Tax Robbery. Gillett attributes the progress made in both investigations to the quick response and team effort of his police officers.

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Gillett stated that the three males and one female suspect will be charged tomorrow before noon.