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Belmopan Man Stabbed Several Times

A man was reportedly injured by his girlfriend last night in Belmopan. The incident occurred just before eight o’clock in the San Martin area. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Sometime around eight o’clock last night thirty year old Devon Delroy Pratt was seen lying on the ground in front of an apartment on St.Matthew’s Street San Martin Belmopan bleeding profusely. Pratt was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital by police where he is presently admitted to ward in a stable condition. Love News understands that Pratt was involved in a heated argument with his girlfriend when he was stabbed. Love News spoke to the neighbor. 

Neighbor: “Last night around 8 P.M when I came home by my gate I saw that there was a man and he looked like he needed help, he was bleeding. And when I got down my mom came outside and she said that they already called the police and they were going to assist him. We waited outside until the police arrived and then they put him in the truck and they took him. When I came inside my mom explained that what she saw was that he was running by the side of the house then he fell, he got up and then he continued and made his way by the gate. When that happened the girl was still here I believe, that’s what she said the girl was still in here then he fell again. He was bleeding a lot so he fell again and then she got into his pocket, took out something and then walked away. He got up but then he couldn’t make it anymore I think he was bleeding too much so he fell again on the same spot and he just remained there and that is when I arrived home and I saw him here. Like I said I was not home. The only thing I know is that my mom was inside and then she heard some altercation, she came out by the door and then she saw that he was running by the house side and then he fell and when he fell he left a lot of blood, he got up and then she was running behind him and then he fell again she got into his pocket and then she left.”