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Belmopan Man Stabbed to Death

Police are still looking into the killing of a Belmopan resident whose body was found on Saturday morning. Armando Coy’s body was found with a large stab wound to the neck on Honduras Street in the Salvapan area. Love News understands that Coy was last seen on Friday. Our Belmopan Correspondent, Fem Cruz spoke with a resident in the area who stumbled upon Coy’s body.

“I was inside my home when I heard a noise outside. When I exited outside I saw an individual laying down behind a tree. I saw he had a stab wound in his neck. Upon seeing that I did noticed I had to call the police. When the police came and they processed the scene and it was taken to the morgue.”

According to Coy’s last employer, Alvarado Juvencio, he last saw him a few hours before his death when he had gone to collect his wages. Meanwhile, the victim’s landlord, Delia Bah, who noted that Coy was not a man known to cause trouble.

“Well Mr.Armando he rents right here with my parents for four years and I don’t see him as any other trouble maker or anything like that. He just from work to home. When we got that news the police came early in the morning Sunday and they asked if Don Armando lived here and we told them yes and then we wanted to know why and then right there they said that he died.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Did he mention of anyone maybe in the past have any grievance or him being threatened or anything like that ?

“No and he is someone that he won’t even could hurt anybody because he had a problem from his hand that his hand has always been shaking and he wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Investigations continue.