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Belmopan Mayor Comments on the Sale of Green Spaces

Since receiving several pages of the Belmopan City Hall’s finances, we have been looking at the issue of several land sales.  As we noted one of those sales was to the Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Faber where he was charged sixty thousand dollars for a property valued at over one hundred and forty dollars.  Mayor Palacio spoke on this instance and several others.



The list of land sales tally at thirty-eight and includes several companies and individuals including Capital Investments Limited, Maya Grand Investments Limited and Roadhouse Developers Limited.  Capital Investments Limited was reportedly sold a property having over five thousand square footage for fifteen thousand dollars while its value was listed as double that amount.  Love News reached out to former Mayor Khalid Belisle who explained to us that there was the sale of the buffer areas particularly across from the OLOG School was intentional.  He has committed to giving us an interview on the documents and the land sales.  We will keep you posted.