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Belmopan Mayor Lashes Out on Her Councilors

Belmopan’s Mayor, Sharon Palacio misled the members of the public this morning when she reported on a talk show saying that the Newsroom at Love did not reach out to her for comment regarding the conflict between her and her five city councilors. Her statement is in contradiction with the screenshot of WhatsApp messages sent to her by our News Director, requesting an interview on the issue. Mayor Palacio is facing internal issues at the city council after her five councilors brought as many as eleven complaints against her. The complaints primarily surround her style of management and a lack of transparency and accountability with the council’s money. According to the councilors’ letter, Mayor Palacio has gone against several portions of the Belmopan City Council Act when it comes to the hiring and firing of staff; the donation of monies and funding of programs without taking them to caucus; the removal of the deputy mayor as a signatory to the council’s account, and the removal of the Director of Traffic and the Director of Finance. The letter goes on to call out Mayor Palacio on incidents where her family members have gone into the council handing down directives to staff. It is a long list of discrepancies and the councilors are reportedly demanding written reports on several of them. Love News understands that the five councilors are seeking an audience with Area Representative, Oscar Mira to address these complaints. While the letter to Mayor Palacio was leaked, the issue has boiled over into the public domain after she wrote on her Facebook page, quote, “Sometimes I feel like Julius Caesar surrounded by 5 Brutus.” Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo reports.