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Belmopan Mayor Speaks on Christmas in the Capital

A tree lighting ceremony is planned for Belmopan this weekend.  Angelica Cruz has the details.


“On our 5th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony which is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th at the Sir George Brown Field in Belmopan, Love News spoke to Mayor Khalid Belisle, who says he is excited to be a part of this family event.”


“It is a wonderful time here in Belmopan as we get ready for this Christmas season. We do have our annual tree lighting ceremony this Saturday starting at 6pm.  We are inviting the residents of Belmopan to come out and witness this occasion; it has been getting bigger and bigger every year. We had a massive crowd out there last year and we anticipate an even bigger crowd this year. We will be having entertainment for the kids, the Kids Stop from our friends over at Wood Stop will be out there, I know there will be a lot of giveaways; I myself will be giving away several bicycles. I have asked Minister Saldivar to join us in at least matching that prize giveaway and so I know City Councilors are getting involved in procuring prizes for our raffles.  So more importantly it’s a family affair and it’s another family oriented event here in Belmopan so we are appealing to residents to bring out their children to witness the lighting of our tree on Saturday night. The event kicks off what is actually a very small calendar of events for us here in Belmopan starting with the tree lighting on Saturday and then on the 11th we actually have a campfire at that same Christmas tree site in the evening. On the 13th we have a children’s movie night scheduled at the George Price Center. On the 16th we have a traditional children’s Christmas party at the Sir George Brown Field at the Christmas tree and then we wrap it up on the 19th with our annual parade of lights which has also been getting bigger and bigger each year. It’s important that we remember the reason for the season, it’s not about the gifts or the tree, it’s not about the lights it’s about the birth of Jesus the greatest gift that we have ever received as humans. We invite everyone out, we’re looking forward to a very festive Christmas season here in Belmopan.”