Belmopan Mother Fires Licensed Gun in Face-off with Robber

Belmopan Mother Fires Licensed Gun in Face-off with Robber

Belmopan resident and mother, Gilda Abadi, has been a licensed gun holder for the past ten years. In that entire time, she has never had to fire the weapon; that is, until this weekend when she came face to face with an aggressive robber.  Love News met up with Abadi earlier today as she was leaving the Police Station, and granted us an interview on the ordeal that she and her daughter faced on Saturday night after leaving the football game.

Gilda Abadi, Victim of Attempted Robbery: “This is normal I would say. Very normal for us to walk in the area. So while walking we met Homer which is somebody that is very known in Belmopan, we meet them in the streets, in the corner of the streets in Belmopan. So it wasn’t somebody you’re afraid of because it’s somebody that is harmless. So while walking up, reaching up by the church I can see up the hill because it’s a hill to preschool, somebody coming down but he was walking in the middle of the walkway. And then I said to my daughter “Come to my right.” I said “Give him space to go.” but he refused to go on his side so he came towards my daughter, very close and he grabbed something from behind and he made a motion and stabbed after my daughter and my daughter just went with her hands up and said “Ma !” That’s when I already had my firearm on my side and I pushed her on the side and I didn’t have a bullet in it as I said. And one of the things as soon as I pushed her he came charging after I yelled at him three times “Back off ! Back off ! Back off” and I came back a little bit and that’s when I had cocked my gun and I shot. He left me no choice than to just do that. While he was down he just picked himself up and ran and at that same time I had to comfort my daughter with her ear ringing because it as very loud and that’s when he took off. So while we were there we made a phone call through my daughter’s phone to the 9-1-1 which I gave them the information to where we were and what happened and they didn’t come right away. We waited ten to fifteen minutes then I said to my daughter let’s go because I saw the guy run off by the park which is a very dark area.”

Abadi, who is a single mother, explained that the entire ordeal has left her feeling vulnerable.  She also says that her experience has highlighted the lack of citizen security in Belmopan, adding that the days of neighborhood watches and looking out for each other have long gone.

Gilda Abadi, Victim of Attempted Robbery: “They told me that the guy was from St. Sonte Street which for me wasn’t comforting. I mean a guy that maybe had seen me walk many times I have no idea who the person is which is very uncomfortable especially for me that I live single with my kids and I do business in Belmopan. And it’s somebody that people know me because I do coaching for baseball for children and older. So for me it was very alarming to be in a situation like that. I’ve never had an issue with anyone and I mean for the years that I live in Belmopan I’ve never had anyone confront me about trying to attack me or anything like that. It’s an experience I think you don’t want to have. I am a very spiritual person. I always put myself in God’s hands before I leave my home and having a firearm is a great responsibility not only for yourself but for others out there and it has been one of the most shaking and scary situation where my daughter’s life was threatened and myself and I think that I don’t feel safe now that I have to be looking over my shoulder every time. And it’s the saddest part because Belmopan used to be safe. I run at four o’clock in the morning you know ? Now do I feel safe doing that ? No. And it’s very close to home. At one time we used to have these neighborhood meetings. Now I didn’t hear a neighbor come out and it was a loud shot. I didn’t hear security come out from City Council. I mean for me it was like I was stuck there by myself. You know I had to run home until the police got to me.”

Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on this issue today, saying that the robber, 49-year-old, Ronald Gibson, is in a stable condition after being shot in the abdomen.  Gibson is under police guard, and once discharged from the hospital, he will be criminally charged and taken to court.

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