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Belmopan Officers Awarded for Quick Apprehension of Robbers

Eight Police Officers were awarded for their part in the apprehension and conviction of two men involved in a recent robbery in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.


“Eight police officers were recognized and awarded for their active involvement in their recent investigation that led to the arrest and charging of two suspects. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett spoke to Love News about the award and Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie spoke to Love News about how this will motivate our police officers.”


“Recently there was a robbery here in the Belmopan jurisdiction to be specific Circle R Products. Police officers as a result of their input were able to solve the case. The matter was taken quickly before the courts and we had a conviction. Both men were each given five years and six months and for that we had to show that we do care about what they did and we want to influence others to do the same. So I believe today’s event, others will follow suit. We’re also very pleased and the officers have told me the recipients are very pleased that the Commissioner is here today to be able to have lunch and to have presented the commendation. We also had the support of Mr. Mariano who is the Assistance Commissioner of Police.”


“Indeed it was a pleasure for me to be here today to support the Officer Commanding Belmopan as well as to show appreciation to these officers who were involved in this case in terms of solving it. It was a classic case where it showed communication, coordination, dissemination of information, keen power of observation on the part of the officers that led to this case being cracked and so I am very pleased and certain that it will motivate other officers to step up to the plate and be more active and proactive in terms of solving crime in their communities.”

Love News spoke to one of the officers who was awarded.


“I am very grateful for the award given to me. This just motivates us and other police officers to do more in their work and I expect more to continue serving the country of Belize.”