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Belmopan Police and security firms team up

Fem Cruz reporting…

“A very important meeting was held this afternoon between the police department and the different security companies in Belmopan. According to Superintendent Howell Gillet, officer in Command the purpose of the meeting was to form a new alliance so that they can pull all the resources together in fighting crime.”

Supt. Howell Gillett – OC Belmopan Police

“As you and others may now that the police alone cannot fight crime so we have to enlist the support of other sectors of other communities in that effort. So today I’m happy to report that we’ve formed an alliance with 8 security companies from the Belmopan area as well as the surrounding villages. Basically we shared ideas on how to tackle crime in this area, these security companies represent almost 200 employees and the security companies represent the national bank of Belize, the University of Belize, BTL, we also had the participation of KBH, the US Embassy, Anchor Security, Atlantic Bank and P&S security. I believe now following this meeting we have better coverage as it relates to the fight against crime and this will not be a one off thing, we plan to make this a monthly event meaning that we will meet at least once a month to discuss our strategies using the previous month and come up with more strategies to continue to fight crime in our area.”