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Belmopan Police Fulfills Wish of Recently Assaulted Patrick Grant

Most may remember the story of ninety three year old Patrick Grant as the elderly man that was savagely attacked in his home in Belize City on December 28. Grant ended up in the hospital in a critical condition. Grant is now recovering at home. Patrick GrantOther good news for Grant is that the Belmopan Police Department has donated a string trimmer also known as a weed whacker, which was one of the items stolen from his home. Superintendent Howell Gillett Officer in Command at Belmopan spoke about the donation made to Grant.

HOWELL GILLETT: “What happened I saw the news and I was just very disheartened by what I saw. We at Belmopan police especially when we see things like that although it’s not in our jurisdiction we have to take some form of action. We cannot leave things just like that. I think it was fitting and it was the right thing to do to donate this weed eater to Mr.Grant because he is a very elderly man who was viciously attacked and it could have been one of our citizens from Belmopan our one of our thirteen villages so we had to take some sort of action and I’m very happy that we partnered with one of our main stakeholders Mr.Paul from the Security Alliance. He readily donated it to us so that we could have given it to Mr.Grant.”

Some may query why donate a weed whacker. But Superintendent says it’s to give Grant a peace of mind, since it was one of his hobbies to clean his own yard.

HOWELL GILLETT: “Well in the interview that one of the Tv stations had with him he said that he is recovering and that one of his main things to do was to clean his land. At his age he is still cutting his yard and that is one of his hobbies so just to help him to recover faster to give him peace of mind.”

Gillett says that they are happy to be a part of Grant’s life. Grant could not be in Belmopan to receive his gift because he is still recovering but a family member was present to accept it in his name.

Paul Guerra owner of Security Alliance donated the string trimmer to the police.