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Belmopan Police give to San Martin’s Feeding Program

A feeding program created by the Belmopan Police Formation for less fortunate students of San Martin Government School got a much-needed boost today. Pauline Soberanis Tillett filed the following report.

Pauline Soberanis Tillett, Love FM: After seeing the good works that the Belmopan Police Department is doing under the leadership of Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, Pastor Clayton McGee from Honor and Glory International Christian Centre donated four cases of cereal and a sack of milk powder to the Belmopan Police feeding program. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett spoke about the signing.”

Howell Gillett, Senior Superintendent: “Today’s agreement is an indefinitely one, both of us have signed and this will runway into the future but what we are receiving just for today is four cases of cereal and a sack of milk, this will go directly to the feeding program at San Martin Government School. During our meet and greet sessions we’ve heard of some of the plights that they are facing and we are so happy to help them but as the police we cannot do it alone, we had to enlist the support of the community and we are so pleased to be getting that support from a church.”

Pauline Soberanis Tillett, Love FM: Pastor McGee spoke about working hand in hand with the police.

Clayton McGee, Honor and Glory Centre: “As a church, we’re really excited about doing this, we’ve come across this information through and by talking with a couple individuals but most importantly talking with the police department and finding out that there is a need for the school in regards to this. We always want to help the youths and one of the greatest things about helping the youths in the community is that if we can impact and change their lives right now they can impact the future; it will be a greater and safer community for Belmopan.”