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Belmopan Queen of the Bay Coordinator Sues the Council

Turning to other news: Back in June, we reported on the impasse between Belmopan Queen of the Bay coordinator, Chantel Magdaleno-Pitzold and the Belmopan City Council. The council announced it was withdrawing its support from the pageant because it did not want Magdaleno-Pitzold to remain as the pageant’s coordinator. The council’s spokesman, J.B. Wade made, what she says, were defamatory statements and demanded that he apologise and compensate her for maligning her character. Neither did an apology nor compensation came after her attorney, Orson Elrington, wrote to the council in late June. Elrington told us today that they’ve had to take it to the next level.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: “We did write to the City Council and to Mr.Wade and we did not receive any response from them. We wrote to them requesting that they offer an apology and an offer for settlement for the damages to my client. They have not responded to the request and therefore I was instructed by my client to proceed to file a claim against them. The claim was filed I believe on the 9th of August and today they were served with that.”

So now that Magdaleno-Pitzold is taking this to the Supreme Court, Elrington says all his client wants is for her good reputation be restored.

Reporter: What we really is your client hoping to get out of all of this ?

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: “The restoration of the damage to her reputation. Again this is a claim in defamation. Mr.JB Wade who at th time acting as an agent of the Belize City Council and therefore on behalf of the Belize City Council uttered defamatory statements maligning the character of my client and making statements which are completely untrue and therefore damaging to the character of my client and therefore we requested that those comments be retracted and not only did he not retract the statements but he subsequently made an appearance on the media double down on those statements so further aggravating the damages to my client.” 

Wade and the council have fourteen days to respond before it goes to trial.