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Belmopan receives garbage truck donation

The Government of Japan has granted the request of a compact garbage truck to the Belmopan City Council.  The process began over two years ago when Mayor Khalid Belisle submitted the request.  Cayo Correspondent, Pauline Soberanis-Tillett was at the handing over this morning at Belmopan’s City Hall. Here is her report.
Mayor Khalid Belisle was on hand this morning to receive a new compactor garbage truck which was presented to him by the Charged affairs of the Embassy of Japan in Belize Mr. Hiryoyuki Kubota. This garbage truck valued at $87,530 US dollars was a grant project funded by Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project. It was a well needed donation as explained by Mayor Kahlid Belislie.

Mayor of Belmopan City

Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan City: It has been a little while in the making, two and a half years to be exact since we started this process but all that is important to us at this moment is that the truck is here and about to be deployed into the service of the city. The monetary value on the truck is roughly $88,000 US dollars, all grant funding coming from the Government of Japan through their grassroots human security project and we are extremely grateful here ine the city for the donation because we know it’s going to have a large impact on our waste disposal operation here.”
We also spoke to Charged affairs Kabuta who told us about this donation.
Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of Japan in Belize

Kiryoyuki Kubota,Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of Japan in Belize: “We have a program to support the community, to improve the livelihood. After one of the staff from the city council, he participated in the JICA training program for waste management he initiated to apply for the small grant to procure the solid waste truck. The seriousness of the situation and the seriousness of the other municipality of Belize City we decided to allocate the funds to this specific project.”