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Belmopan remains a UDP stronghold

It has been only since the year 2000 that the capital of Belize, Belmopan, has been involved in the Municipal Elections. As a result, PUP won and controlled the first Belmopan City Council, thereafter, it fell into the hands of the UDP. The UDP has been running the Belmopan City Council since then and will continue to do so with Mayor Khalid Belisle win in yesterday’s Municipal Elections. Love news spoke to Belisle who was elated over his win.

Khalid Belisle – Mayor of Belmopan

“Extremely grateful to the people of Belmopan for you know entrusting us with the city for another three years. Hard fought campaign must congratulate the other parties in terms of the tone of the campaign in Belmopan this time around. Extremely pleasant and cordial.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“Know Belmopan is the capital what will you keep doing to maintain Belmopan as a stronghold for the UDP.”

Khalid Belisle – Mayor of Belmopan

“Well, we want to continue doing the things that have made us successful so far. I am not even talking about successful politically more successful as a city in terms of its development. We will keep pushing infrastructure that is not going to stop, but we also want to make sure that we have that social development at the forefront of our thoughts and deliberations as a council working together with the area representative and Recondev there in Belmopan so that we can continue to mold a capital city of which this entire country can be proud.”