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Belmopan Resident Launches Project Aimed at Impacting Life-Skills of Unemployed and Single women

Well-known Belmopan resident, Marisa Alamilla has embarked on a project aimed at imparting life-skills primarily to unemployed and single women. The group’s acronym is GOLD, which stands for Group of Ladies in Development. The first set of participants is looking to complete the initial phase of the project, as explained by Alamilla.

Marisa Alamilla, Belmopan Resident: “GOLD is a women’s program that we started in Belmopan just after February. It’s a program that I’ve always wanted to start for several reasons. The personal one is because when I was going through all my stuff in my life I had attended the program when Mr.Moises Cal had this program running in Belmopan and had this coordinator teach us all kinds of skill sets. Those skillsets proved to be very useful when I became unemployed. It became creative therapy for me when I was employed and going through life’s everyday issues. So it served two fold for me. Of course at the time I was taking it and at the time I attended these classes I really didn’t see the value of it at that point but over the years it became extremely valuable and then I work with a lot of women and I’ve been- I don’t know if I should say fortunate or unfortunate to meet lots of women in very difficult situations. We tend to not realize how blessed we are and how difficult others may have it. We tend to judge other women from ourselves so we for instance we said “Oh okay well we do that so they can do it too.” and that’s not necessarily the case.”

Alamilla told Love News that the projects done are primarily with recycled items. She says that since the program costs very little the GOLD Project needs all the help they could get.